Your Auto. Our Care.


As your car ages, the shine on the interior becomes worn and discoloured. Our highly trained team will use the latest products to bring the shine back. We will repair and shine any exterior and interior scratches and smudges, this will get the little things that you might miss, clean and protected from future any future damages to your cars upholstery and dashboard. 

Ceramic Protection

Ceramic paint protection keeps your cars paintwork safe from scratches and damages. We offer the highest quality protection from the best of products and our team will make sure your cars remains scratch free and showroom standard.

New Car Treatment

When you purchase a new car the bodywork, alloys and interior are all immaculate, our team of experts will bring your car back to the brand new look, cleaning, shining and using protective treatments to retain the look of brand new and make the vehicle appear ageless for years to come. Our products ensure all new cars are protected from sunshine, weather and dust inside and outside.


The look of the car from the outside is the very first thing people notice about your vehicle. Very often the sun, rain and general usage of the car can cause the paintwork to appear old and worn. Our specially prepared chemicals will keep the bad weather and stones from the road at bay. This makes the car look brand new with great showroom standard paintwork. 

Head Lights

In time your headlights will become blurred and misty, this specialist treatment ensures the light will be at its brightest and the glass on your headlights smear free for years to come. Our team will clear any misting to your head lights, restoring the lights and glass to the condition you saw when the car was brand new and give you one less component of the car to worry about for the foreseeable future.


When you take your car to the beach or, for a mountain drive, the dust off your clothes or sand off your feet can remain in places that your every day vacuum won't reach. We offer inside vacuuming for pet hairs, dust and other day to day dirt. We will bring the standards of the showroom back to your vehicle.


Anti-glare window treatment in four different shades to make driving in sunlight easier, less dangerous and more comfortable!! Plus, elimination of any U.V radiation that passes through your windscreen.

Respraying Rims

Your rims and wheels often come off the worst after a long drive or a overnight stay in prime spot for sand storms. Hitting a Kerb while parking or reversing over a stony edge can scratch and damage the rims. Include a top of protective paint to your hubs and rims to protect from sunlight and any weather damage, kerb scratches and general wear.

Upholstery Cleaning

With many of us having pets that we travel with, or walking out and bringing dirt from the road back into the car, it can become smelly and unpleasant. Our team use the highest power tools, pressure and fragrances to retain the cleanliness of your cars fabrics. This is for your comfort, protection and that showroom look.

Your Auto. Our Care.